11 September 2006

Argentina Wine Guide - the blog!

Welcome to the Argentina Wine Guide blog!

This is the companion blog to the ArgentinaWineGuide.com website - your free guide to Argentine wine. Visit ArgentinaWineGuide.com for wine reviews, and loads of information about the Argentine wine industry.

So far there are more than thirty wines reviewed so far, mostly at the budget end of the Argentine market, but all of a consistently high standard. If you are a traveller or backpacker looking for help making a selection from the hundreds of different wines available at every supermarket, this is the place to start!

I'm adding reviews every couple of days, so the reviews section will be growing rapidly. I am also progressively adding background information about Argentine wine regions and varieties for those who are interested in learning a bit more about where their favourite drop comes from. Those who are simply interested in the drinking part should jump straight to the reviews, and then down to their nearest local retailer!

I'll be using this blog to keep you up to date on the latest reviews and additions to the website. Stay tuned!



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