20 September 2006

Luigi Bosca reviews

I've just posted three reviews of Luigi Bosca wines over at Argentina Wine Guide. The 2003 Reserva Malbec is fabulous - soft, round, fruity, complex - excellent drinking. The D.O.C (single vineyard) Reserva Malbec from the same year is more dense, more complex, more tannic, and glows in the glass as if it has its own light source. Excellent wine that will keep improving for many years, but if (like me) you like a good tannic backbone in your heavier-style reds, it's fabulous drinking right now.

I've also posted a review of the 2005 Chardonnay from Luigi Bosca's entry-level Finca La Linda range. It's a good example of a Chardonnay where the winemaker has eased back on the oak and malolactic fermentation in an effort to preserve some fresher, more citrus-like characters: but not rejected these tools altogether. So, good fresh fruit with some structure and complexities. It's also Argentina Wine Guide's first white wine review! But that's what you get when you live in Mendoza ... red and more red!



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