21 September 2006

My kingdom for a pen ...

Don't you hate it when you get a chance to taste absolutely stunning wine, but you have no pen or paper, and nowhere in a crowded room at the Vines of Mendoza to write even if you did.

So it was last week when the winemaker and owner from Ortega Fournier wines down in Valle de Uco (an hour and a half south of Mendoza city) came to lead a tasting through their range.  From the opening entry level Sauvignon Blanc, through to their premier B Crux and A Crux tempranillo-dominant blends - these guys are very, very good.

From their first couple of vintages, the A and B Crux are dense, complex, well-structured, fruity ... sure, if you were very cynical you could say they are deliberate 'Parker-pleasers' aimed at making a big bold entry into the 100-point consumer consciousness.

But so what - cynic or not, there is no mistaking absolutely top-class wine.  I've been resisting the temptation to try to review them from memory - that would be dishonest - but at the time, I was salivating and blurting things like "5-star plus for sure!".  Anyway - if you get a chance to try any of this range, you will not be disappointed.  As good as anything I can remember ever having tasted.  I'll try to spend some serious quiet time interviewing a bottle properly myself, and when I do you can be sure you will see lots of gold stars over at Argentina Wine Guide.

Meantime, I have just posted reviews of Luigi Bosca's Reserva Cab Sav 2003, and the Finca La Linda Viognier.  Whew!  Five Bosca reviews in 2 days.  You lucky people.



At 4:21 am, Blogger Tim of Greytown said...

Shouldn't that be my kingdom for a blog?

You are running out of superlatives!!


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