14 November 2006

Argentina Wine Guide turns fifty!

Over at Argentina Wine Guide I've just posted six new reviews: two very different Sauvignon Blancs from Doña Paula and Pulenta Estate, a Syrah from Serrera, two Malbecs from Prodigo and another from new-comers Melipal.
The Pulenta Sauvignon is worth a look, the Doña Paula is best avoided (although, I hope I was unlucky enough to have sampled a dud bottle), the Serrera tastes like a shadow of its (probable) former self, and the Prodigos are close but no cigar. Phew.
After that intro you know there's a but, and here it is: but, the Melipal is an absolute stunner and earns top marks - pricey at AR$150, but you will savour every centavo.
And so it's a day of milestones at Argentina Wine Guide! Our first Sauvignon Blanc reviews posted, Melipal's cracking Malbec earns our first five-star rating, and somewhere in that bunch we racked up our 50th review! I think I'd better crack open a bottle of something good to celebrate.


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