14 December 2006

A trans-Pacific digression ...

Yes, I know this is an Argentine wine blog, but quite frankly the Pinot Noirs grown in the shadow of the Andes are (as a rule) shocking.  Sad, but true.
To really get a decent Pinot (outside of Burgundy, of course) you need to head to the United States - or to New Zealand.  NZ Pinot Noirs are world class - from the classic barnyard and mushroom aromas of Martinborough and Central Otago Pinot, to the light, lively strawberry characters of Marlborough Pinot.  In fact, Pinot Noir is just about in danger of eclipsing Sauvignon Blanc as the premier grape of the New Zealand wine industry.
So, since I know a lot of you are travellers, and bearing in mind the unmissable quality of NZ Pinot Noir, I felt obligated to draw to your attention Pinot Noir 2007.  It's a big wine industry event in Wellington from 29 January to 1 February which includes a public tasting where, basically, you can taste more top-class Pinot Noir than you ever thought possible.  Sadly I can't make it as I will be in Mendoza, but if any of you are lucky enough to be in the harbour capital that week, let me know what your favourite was!


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